Thursday, December 30, 2004

My spontaneous, princess day

Ok, so my day started off w/ a trip to the dentist. I guess i don't mind going to the dentist but i do MIND having people's fingers in my mouth. I have a simile for it too. It's like being apart of a cattle stockyard. First they probe around your mouth...what's next ? A full body search ???? The dentist had a severe case of british teeth...yuck...not someone i want working on my mouth. But i didn't have any cavaties so all was good in the end.
After the dentist was the fun part of my day. I went home and put on my red prom dress and wore it until i had to go to work. IT WAS SOOOOO FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I also made lemon bars while wearing said dress....also fun. OH MY GOD ! I LUV MY SPONTINUITY !!!!! I was going to go show chad and eric but i never made it past eric's house. He has the most adorable kitty ever. :) Sorry chad, but hey it's the thought that counts right ? I wanted to go up to the mall in my dress but i didn't want to waste the gas...even if i don't pay for it. I think i'll wear formals more often. Meghan, next time you should join me.

OH MY GOD !!!!!



YUMMY, YUMMY, YUMMY !!! (ya'll should come over and join me. )

Meghan, you should see how FINE my date for tomorrow is. I mean, wow, God really blessed him. I'll take a pic of him w/ my phone to show you once you come back. ( And yes i got you a birthday present. I finally found what i want for's soo cool. You'll like it.)

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Let's see, what happened today ? I ran around for a few hours doing errands and trying to find the gift i want to give meghan for her birthday. Yeah, i know her bday was monday but since she isn't in town i have all week to buy her a gift. HAHAHA!!!! I know, that's procrasination for you. I will find it though. Um, lets see.......oh yeah, work was slow but fun. I did the truck tonight and that was fun. Forget what anyone says about me being a girl and that i shouldn't do the truck, but i'm faster then most of the guys. Take that !!!!! Then brandon came in. He's home for a week from bootcamp. Man, he's really lost weight and looks soo trim and fit. I'm soo proud of him. I miss him as a coworker and a friend (?). I never really figured out if he liked me as a coworker/person. Oh well. Ok, the other thing was right b/4 we closed i was tearing apart a box and i had this sudden burst of inspiration. I drew wheels on it w/ a permenant marker, put the box around my waist, and ran in the back making VROOMING noises. It was soooooooooooo fun !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm cracking up just thinking about it. My coworkers in the kitchen just looked at me with this "what-is-she-doing-" expression b/4 they started to laugh @ me. Byu now, they are used to me and my spontaneous craziness. It was absolutely hilarious.
Now for the inner thoughts of the day. First, is it just me but do some people really have bubble issues ? Ya'll know me and know that i don't have space issues, but there is one person who really tests that. I know i need to say something esp b/c friends can handle the truth and also b/c this person is attached. ( i wouldn't be happy if i knew that my bf was that close to another girl. He and i would have major issues over it b/c the only space he should be invading should be mine.) I get protective over my attached friends b/c i would never want to do anything that would make their gf's jealous. I need to wait for the right timing though........we shall see. Now for the second thought. ( I'm taking a chance here that Eric won't read my blog but you never know.) I read his blogs tonight ( bc i didn't know he had one and upon finding out he did, i had to read them ) and i feel bad over some of the things he said. In one, he mentioned that when he goes to Bible study he has 2 girls all over him. i really that bad ? Am i that strong of a tease ? I don't mean to just happens. I know i can't have him bc he explained the circumstances preventing an "us". (truthfully, i don't know if he likes me *sigh* i hear one thing and see another soo i'm all confused about it. ) I try not to flirt with him bc it only makes things worse...for him and for me.....i mean, i've liked him ever since i met him this january. I wish i could help him bc his home life isn't that smooth.....i pray for him.......but there isn't anything else i can do. We aren't close enough friends for him to let me in to know how to help. I really don't know. I'm not going to say anything more about the subject cause im getting severly depressed, but do ya'll understand wanting something soooo bad but knowing all the while you could never have it ?..........................I need a meghan hug!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Chickadee, come home !!!!
On a happier note, i bought "The Phantom Of The Opera" at halfprice today. I LOOOOOOVVVVEEEEEDDDDD the movie SOOOOO MUCH, so now i'm going to read the book to see which one is better. I also tried to buy the soundtrack but circuit city and best buy were both out.

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Just another day

Well, nothing really happened today. Ok, i take that back b/c i had two exciting things happen. First, I FINALLY got my bank accounts to balance. YAY!!!!!! Somehow my checking account was about $20 off of what it should have. My mom and i worked at it for an hour yesterday and about 2 today and we finally got it!!!!!! I was soooooo excited. Second, i went to kohls and bought 2 really cute bras. (Meghan, you should have been there.) They are sooo purty which makes me happy. I don't get women who don't like cute underwear. Then i went to work tonight and it was slow, but some really cute guys came in and that made me happy too. Yeah, my day wasn't that exciting but such is life.

Monday, December 27, 2004

~~~~(Music begins) Another day has come and gone. I didn't do much. Earlier i tried to balance my checkbook. Something has happened to the point where i'm missing money i should have and i now have to go back and find it. :( I really hate doing it but, alas, it must be done. (Music cresendos) I just got back from seeing The Phantom Of The Opera. OH MY GOSH !!!!!!!!!!!! That has got to be the best movie i've see all year! No joke. I'm going out and buying the soundtrack (if it's out) first thing tomorrow. I recommend this to anyone !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Words fail me in describing the beauty of the costumes, the exquisite music or the heart-wrenching love story. I just wanna grab the first guy i lay eyes on and sob my heart out on his shoulder. (It better be a big shoulder too b/c i have been known to cry alot.) Maybe b/c lately i've felt such a longing to be loved.I'm not talking about the "infauated-with-you-for-3-months" high school puppy love, rather the "i-wanna-spend-the-rest-of-my-life-with-you" love. *sigh* ..........someday........ I know what God has out there for me and I don't want to settle for anything less, so i guess in the mean (?) time I'll just wait. ....Oh and this is to all the "fish" out there....i haven't fallen off of my rocker (yet) so I'm still (somewhat) sane. LOL (Music slows down and dies out.)~~~~~

Sunday, December 26, 2004

Wow ! Christmas has come and gone yet another year. It really reminds me that the best gifts don't come from the store but from the sacrefices of friends who truly love me. I have to say that one of the best gifts i got was seeing my best friend who now lives in tennessee. She moved there earlier this fall after her july wedding, which might i say was absolutely stunning. I didn't get to see her very long today...barely 10 minutes...but i feel soo touched that i could. I miss her beyond all belief. *tear* If i had to pick anyone to be my twin, it would be catherine. We can tell exactly what the other one is thinking just by looking at each other. She understand me like no one else and we've walked in enough places that i can tell her ANYTHING w/o condemnation or fear of the info spreading. We do talk on the phone when we have time, but still it isn't the same.
I also feel disconnected from sean. We used to have this great connection but now it just feels as if something is missing. I understand people change but this i don't get. I miss hanging out with him and just how we could just talk on end. I dunno...there's probably a couple factors that i'm missing.. Maybe we'll get a chance hang out later on in the week.

Thursday, December 23, 2004

With my mask on

Today was a much anticipated day. The "four muskateers",as we've been dubed, got together to have dinner and exchange gifts. I have to say "WOW". All of us looked our best! The gift exchange was done @ "Ashlee" 's (get it ?) house. Man, my friends really know what i like...i was blown away by what i received.
Sometimes i feel as if life is a facade. Don't get me wrong...i love life and all God has brought into mine. ..but i feel as if sometimes i'm wearing a mask. One that displays the person i want the world to be when inside all i really want (for christmas ...get it ? hahaha) is to be who i am. I can't always share what's going on b/c making sure my friends are hangin in there is more important than my world and it's happenings. I guess it stems from wanting to be the "problem solver" when deep down i know i can only listen for the "problem fixing" must come from inside the individual or from above. To be contintued.......maybe.........

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Wow! What a fun day with the snow ! All was white and purty. Too bad I had to go to work. :( I really don't know about this new night manager we have at work. First, I still think I should have gotten that position b/c I have the most superiority & I can do everything George could. ( I bet it was b/c of my age although everyone tells me I could pass 4 22.) Second, why wouldn't Phil ( my boss) hire the applicant who had 9 years Chick-fil-a experiences as opposed to a Whataburger manager ???? I just don't know. I know the last few days all i've done is grip about it but I'm really bothered and upset about it all. *sigh* Maybe inwardly i hope my gripping will somehow change the situation. HAHAHA!!! YEAH RIGHT !!!!! ARRRGGGHHH!!!!
I know whatever the reason for this happening, God has it TOTALLY under control. Maybe it'll all work out for the best. I just pray (even though I don't want to) that I can be nice to the new lady and everyone else will accept her. Nothing is permanant and nothing escapes the gaze of my Heavenly Father.

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