Sunday, January 30, 2005

LIFE'S A PARTY ............hahahaha, who am i trying to kid ?????

What can i say ? I'm bored with life or frustrated or both. All i do is work. I suck !!! I thought being out of school would be fun and exciting b/c i would have all this free time to do fun stuff. YEAH RIGHT ! Life sucks. I go to work, work out ( maybe 3x a week) then come home and sit around the house. I know i have to take the SAT but i can't motivate myself to study or even sign up. My phone broke ( it won't play any of my ringers) so i don't know when people are calling me. My ex-boyfriend, who is a major jerk, is trying to get back with me and i feel pathetic b/c i've been single for over a year. All the guys i've wanted to date didn't want me. My friends are fighting. I feel at odds w/ one of them and i don't know why. My normally clean room is trashed. The list goes on and on and on and on and on..........I hate my life at this moment. Maybe i'll be in a better mood later.

p.s. If i said i would call you back and didn't, i'm sorry. I don't call people when i'm in bad moods cause that only makes it worse

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Ok, haven't blogged in a while. Hmmmmm. Nothing much has happened. My boss told me that there are alot of grand openings this spring in the northeast and that i should be getting called any time to go. I'm sooo excited!!!!! Grand openings = MUCHO DINERO !!!!! YAY !!!! Hopefully, i'll be able to use that money to go to India this summer on a mission trip. I'm still praying about it b/c i REALLY want to go.

I'm really worried about chad. He's really having a hard time and i don't know how to be there except to listen and pray. I'm also confused over sean. He totally blew me off monday night. He didn't sit with me at dinner, didn't sit w/ me during worship, and when i tried to give him a goodbye hug, he barely touched me. A far extreme opposite from his much loved bear hugs. We are supposed to do something sunday afternoon.....we'll see.

I need sleep.... maybe i'll go take a nap.

Saturday, January 22, 2005

OH MY !!!!!! Guess what happened at work yesterday ?????? I'm doing my thing...just workin and this mom comes up to the counter and says "Do you have some towels ? My kid threw up over there." I'm thinking "ok, it's probably just a little baby throw up". OH NO !!!! Throw up was a insanely mild adjective!!!! The poor kid UPCHUCKED ALLLL over the place. It was sooo nasty....i felt sick just looking at it. So i proceeded to spend the next 20 minutes cleaning and majorly disinfecting the area. By the time i was done, the floor was soo clean you could eat off it..not that you'd want to anyway.

...........Funny how most of my stories happen the previous day. Maybe i should blog more.........

Today i went to saterday night church. OH MY!!!! It ALWAYS blows me away. It's different from my sunday church service in that there is more worship and the service just feels more open. God never fails to amaze me with ways i can be more like Him by stripping myself of impurities.

That's about it. I'll write later............maybe..........if something exciting happens.

Thursday, January 20, 2005

My poor cuticle

Well, i got my nails done today. It was fun bc normally i don't get them done more than once a year. Nails are an expensive habit i TOTALLY can't afford to get addicted to. So anyway, i totally RUINED the cuticles on my right hand pinkie. IT HURTS SOOOOO BAD. The little asian lady that was doing my nails was running a rotating tool ALL over my hand and i was soo about to scream. She asked me what happened to my pinkie and i completely don't have a clue how i did it. It's all raw and puffy and hurting !!!!!!!!! But hey, my hands look soo cute. There's just something about having your nails done that make a girl feel all feminine and sexy. (Can i get an "amen" meghan ?)
The rest of my day was good too. I went to work (whoopee), got off and worked out (at the rate i'm going, i'll have flat and sexy abs my summer), got michael from school, nails (obviously), took dinner to a friend, and went to see my girl Aly. I took dinner to Dawn, the lady i babysit for on mondays b/c she broke her arm (poor thing) and her husband is currently out of town but returning tonight. After that, i went to my girl Aly's house. I haven't seen her in ages. I miss seeing her @ MHS. *tear* I'm going to go w/her to a concert tomorrow night and hopefully, to a movie on sunday. It will be soo much fun.
Gotta scoot !!!! Remember to blog my loves !!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, January 16, 2005

I really haven't written in a while, hmmm. Let's see, not a whole lot happened this week. I went to work a lot (Whoopeee), and that was about it. It really was a boring week....except for thursday. Man, that day was a MAJOR emotional rollor coaster ride i desperately wanted off of.. First, my cat mistook my face for a chew toy and now my face is messed up. He didn't get me as bad as it could have been, so for that i'm thankful. Then i got to go have lunch w/ my sister and we went and saw National Treasure. It was a good movie; i think i'll buy it. Then the day went downhill from there. I don't even want to go into it b/c it was that bad. Friday was better. I got to hang out w/ Meghan.....that was sooo fun. We haven't had girl time in forever and i missed that. Then last night i hung out w/ chad...all i need to do is hang out w/ sean and the weekend will be complete. But alas, he is in Pinecove and not here. *sniff, sniff* Maybe i'll pull a "Seannapping" and spirit him away tomorrow night and we can chill. HMMMMMM.............this has major possibilities.

Sunday, January 09, 2005

God-filled weekend

WOW !!!!! WHAT A WEEKEND !!!!! First it started off friday night with the departure to the CBS retreat. We got there and after getting settled into our cabins, began with a remarkable worship time. It blew my sock off and i felt sooo in God's presence. Then we listened to Brad Fogharty, our speaker, talk. He is so God-inspired; it's just amazing. God really showed me some things and i was just floored. He gave me insight into some areas of my life that now i am aware of and now know how to handle. Following that, we played a game and went back to our cabins....i think i was asleep by 1:30ish. The next morning, saturday, we had breakfast proceeded by more praise and worship and another talk by brad. He told us how to resist the temptations in our lives...something i needed. We then had lunch, packed up, and left. I went up to the mall, after getting back at the church, and gave chad a hug b/c he couldn't come. I went home and sleep for 2 hrs, got up, and went to the sat night service. OH MY !!!!! It was PHENOMINAL !!!!!! Don't get me wrong, i LOVE the sunday morning service, but this was TOTALLY different. I think we sang more songs and the service was just, for lack of better words. I feel soo on fire for God. I pray the feeling will never end. Then when i worked on my CBS lesson, God just continued to show me things along the lines of what i learned this weekend. I love YOU, Father !!!!

The thing i didn't like about the retreat was i didn't really get to hang out w/ Meghan much. I'm not sure why but i missed that.......................... I've felt estranged from her lately. Maybe it's me, i dunno. I feel like she's hiding something. I need to get w/ her this week and just hang out for some good ol' girl time. OH YEAH !!!!
I have one more thing to say then i'm done.

The chaos must stop ! What's going on isn't pleasing to God and honestly, it's wearing all of us out. I don't know how or when, but i'm praying for God's timing on this.

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Today i went to give landon (a kid i babysit) i found for him. He LOVES the incredibles-a recent animated film- and i found a poster at walmart w/ mr incredible on it. It was soo cool to see his little face just light up when i unrolled the poster. Awwww !!! I adore kids and can't wait to have some. :) Then i went to get my hair done. It's not as bright as i normally get it but thats ok b/c i'll get it alot brighter once spring rolls around. I felt bad for everyone who had to go back to school today. I thought about all my friends and almost wished that i was there w/ them b/c i miss the funness of high school hustle and bustle. I went to work too but that was nothing new. I let myself go early tonight ( one of the awesome priviledges of being manager ) and left kathy, our new manager, to close. I can't believe i was actualy home b4 9:30. Oh yeah !!! I can't wait to get my car. I found one i really want....but b/c my dad is going out of town, so i'm really praying that if this is the car God has for me that it will still be there once my dad comes home. I ofund this car on the internet about 3 weeks ago for about $6900 and now the seller has knocked $800 off the price, putting it in my price range. I just am about to burst b/c i can't wait to have my own car. I can feel the wheel underneath my hands. :) I'll get one soon. I think that's all in the world of Francie right now....oh yeah, i'm soo excited about the CBS retreat tomorrow. It will be sooooo fun.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Ok, let's see what's new. I went n worked out w/ chad this morning. It was fun. I think he's gonna join my gym. I'm excited b/c now we can be workout buddies !!! YAY !!!!!!! I'm a thinking that we should make sean join too. hmmmmmm!!!!!! First, sean can join.......then meghan.....then the WORLD !!!!!!!!!! WAAHAHAHA !!!! Seriously, i kill myself with good ideas sometimes. Um, what else ? I'm worried about meghan's mom. There's something wrong w/ her leg, but i'm claiming God's healing over it so we'll see what He'll do. Um....i went to was slow. Not much there. It was truck day.....meaning funess there. I also was able to talk to one of my very good friends Aly. YAY !!! i haven't talked to her in about 3 1/2 weeks so it was a good talk. She has a friend, kevin, who's recently single..........hmmmmmm

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Um lets see....nothing new lately. it's raining. :( i hate rain b/c it makes me depressed. I need sun !!!!!!! I really can't think of anything else to say so i'll write later

Saturday, January 01, 2005

Only You God

Only You God can turn something beautiful and use it to Your glory