Saturday, February 19, 2005

I felt soo bad for one of my coworkers, Guadalupe. Our supply truck was turning in our parking lot this morning and the trailer hit her Montero Sport. It moved it a good 3-4 feet, completely broke the back window, broke a tailight, and left a huge scratch on the back side. ( it probably did more damage but that was all i noticed. I really feel for her b/c about 4 months ago her house was broken into and the thieves took ALL her stuff. So i called the police for her and they came to investigate. The good news is the supply company's manager came out and they took responsibility and will pay for all of it......but still...

Man, i was SOOO tired today !!!! I got up for work and felt like a walking zombie. It took me almost to the end of my shift to be awake. The fact that i was tired didn't make it any better when i had to deal w/ some horrible customers. Then i ended up staying 2 hrs extra cause we had a bunch of sick people out-we had three. I emphasize for them b/c i HATE being sick ( i think we all do) and i would much rather be the nurse (hehehe) not the patient.

Then I went to church. Saterday night services are simply amazing !!!! I can soo feel the Presence of God and that amplifies the extent of my worship towards Him. I can't describe just how cool it is. Someday, i gotta take all my friends at least once


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