Thursday, March 31, 2005

Well, the last two days i've been soo sick. It surprised me b/c i never get sick; i'm seriously sick like once a year. Yesterday and today i've had a terrible sore throat and beyond horrible migraine headaches. I've never had a migraine b/4 but i hope to never have one again. They are sooo painful. Not only are they a constant, roaring pain, they also make you sensitive to light. My eyes were so sensitive that they hurt when i moved them right to left. I was popping medicine like candy in an effort to get some kind of relief.
On to chipper topics. My sister's 20th birthday is tomorrow. She and i have this tradition that on her birthday we go and get our nails done. It's alot of fun. I'm thinking about getting acrylics again. They look soo purty on my hands but when i take them off my nails are ruined for a good month and a half. ( Not to mention, i'm really hard on my hands and nails would be damaged in a few weeks. ) I dunno...............i guess i'll go w/ what i'm in the mood for at the moment. Speaking of nails though, meghan and i still need to go and get ours done. Maybe we should get matching pedicures w/ rinestones. Hmmmmmmm

Monday, March 28, 2005

CRAZY POEM!!!!!!!!!!!

Omg!!!!!!! Ya'll check out this messed up poem i found. I'm gonna start saying this now to all of ya'll.

Exit here

i love you like a biscuit
melted soft and heated sweet
the sign post marks the distance
30 miles, twenty feet

with each passing gated farmhouse
each long-tongued, wagging cow
i water for the taste of it
only 19 miles now

the buttered, floured memory
of your golden yellow kiss
has left me as a beggar
wanting more, tasting bliss

1 mile left to your truck stop
i can hardly feel my feet
as they lunge onto your doorstep
your smile, my hunger
let's eat.

By Gina Pulice

Friday, March 25, 2005

I went car shopping today w/ my friend matt long. He is soo cool. Man, does he know everything about cars!!!!! I'm in total amazement of his extensive knowledge. We probably looked for 3 1/2 hrs. I found alot of cars that were out of my price-range. ( Unfortunately i have expensive taste. ) We did find one car-it was a '97 eclipse-however, i told the guy that i'd think about it and come back. I don't really want anything older than a 2000 model b/c it has to get me through college. I know God has my car out there and i don't want to settle for anything less. I do wish He'd tell me where my car is so i can go pick it up. :) Then after car shopping matt and i went to "Z's" to grab a bite. Z's is this SUPER tasty grill in the shopping center w/ Plato's Closet. I had these FABULOUS quesedillas. YUMMY!!!!!!!! 'N the food is soo inexpensive too.....good for people like me. I'll definately be going back, again, again, and again. Maybe i'll take connie there. Hmmmmm

Thursday, March 24, 2005

So ya'll know how all i do is work right ? Well, this week as been really fun work-wise. Tuesday and wednesday i went to help out at the Chick-fil-a up at Vista Ridge b/c they just reopened from remodeling. It's like being a foreign exchange student except it's for chick-fil-a and not another country. There are some really cool people up there. I want to transfer 6 of their employees to our store. I may end up getting a second job there and working a few nights a week.....i boss may not be too crazy about it. Although, it's not like it would interfere w/ my normal morning schedule and why should he care what i do w/ my free time anyways ? Sometimes he can be soooooo stupid over stuff he has no right to have a say in. ( Does that make sense to anyone besides me?)
I'm really missing meghan this week. It sucks that she is gone ALL week, especially during spring break. We talk on the phone some, but she's busy and i'm busy w/ work and in the end it's not the same. I was really hoping to have a slumber party or a shopping spree or just hang out and quality girl time. She and i don't get enough girl time.
I watched "Catwoman" tonight. I don't know why everyone says it was just a script to get Halle Berry in a leather outfit; i really liked it. ( I REALLY want a leather outfit now. )I liked the plot, the cats, the hunky detective, etc. Maybe i'm biased b/c i think she's a great actress; however, i'm thinking i'll buy it.......Give me ya'lls comments on this movie.
I think that's all for tonight b/c i'm not that great at typing a blog and talking on my cell simultaniously. Ehh, what can ya do ? Hugs and kisses !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~*

Monday, March 21, 2005

Can anyone tell me how to put pics on a blog ?????????????? I'm dying to know and can't figure it out.

Wow ! I gotta stop waiting a long time in between blogs. Let's see, not much to report. I did go to Houston last week w/ my sis to see my grandparents. ( Funny, I was there last week and meghan is there this week.) I really had a good time. I love my grandparents soo much. One of the trip's highlights was that i got to see my dad's bro whom i haven't seen in @ least 5 years. He and his wife have moved alot and combined w/ her health problems ( poor thing ) so that has made it difficult for us to see them. By the way, ya'll please pray for my Aunt Judi. She hurt her back, broke her foot, and has HORRIBLE allergies (in houston where the pollution and pollination is terrible).
My brother Matt married his girlfriend a week or so back. They had been living together the past two years ( which bothered me b/c it went against God's Word ) and due to happenings, finally tied the knot. I'm happy that they made it official. I now have another sister. Dude, that sounds really wierd...........i guess i'm not completely ready for it.
That's all the major news. I'll probaby write again tomorrow when i think of something else. Hugs and kisses !!!!!

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Funny how your past can suddenly come back into your present. I was riding back from picking up my dad from the airport and my phone rang. Not a big deal b/c it rings alot, but i was @ first confused cause i don't know anyone w/ a 361 area code. On the other end was roy. I met him over labor day weekend in the fall. I ended up falling very hard for him, but due to circumstances, nothing evolved. I haven't talked to him since mid october when he moved back home to San Marcus. So to say the least, i was surprised to hear him on the other end. He said he was back in dallas for 2 weeks and that he was just calling up all of his old friends. I don't know what to think. It was several months b/4 i got over him in the fall and now.....??????????. I find the whole thing rather interesting. I wonder if he remembers the lake ? ( I kinda hope not b/c if he does that means i'll be getting pushed in which wouldn't be good considering the water is cold.) We'll see........

Oh, that someone i met w/ definate potential............totally not gonna work out. He's a jerk. Is there something about me that attracts jerks ??????? Why can't i attract good guys ? Or maybe i do but they are too shy to say anything. HMMMMMM......

My brother James, the marine in iraq, is coming home !!!!!!!!!!!! He's coming home for 25 days in April. I'm sooooooo excited !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He'll actually be in the states for his birthday as opposed to the last 2 he's had that have been spent in the desert (iraq). I can't wait. Maybe we'll go carshopping together as we both need a car. He's thinking about buying a trail blazer or other kind of boring car. Ehhh whatever works for him. I'll take an eclipse thank you. I'm really praying God will lead me to the right car, so ya'll pray w/ me.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

I'm gonna keep this brief b/c i'm really tired and i have to get up early. I met someone last night w/ definate potential. I decided not to get my hopes up in case nothing happens. We shall see. Meghan, keep your fingers crossed for me. ;)

I've fallen into a rut of not really wanting to go to work. It's not really the job rather the fact that i have to get up soo early. I hate it. I am not a morning person so for me to get up @ 5 am is pure torture. Plus, not only do i have to get up @ 5 but i have to be "happy" for customers. I would like it alot better if i went in @ 8 every day. I wanted to get a nap in after work in the middle of the week, but lately that hasn't happened b/c i've had stuff to do. But i think i'll go to bed now and get some shut-eye.