Wednesday, March 02, 2005

I'm gonna keep this brief b/c i'm really tired and i have to get up early. I met someone last night w/ definate potential. I decided not to get my hopes up in case nothing happens. We shall see. Meghan, keep your fingers crossed for me. ;)

I've fallen into a rut of not really wanting to go to work. It's not really the job rather the fact that i have to get up soo early. I hate it. I am not a morning person so for me to get up @ 5 am is pure torture. Plus, not only do i have to get up @ 5 but i have to be "happy" for customers. I would like it alot better if i went in @ 8 every day. I wanted to get a nap in after work in the middle of the week, but lately that hasn't happened b/c i've had stuff to do. But i think i'll go to bed now and get some shut-eye.


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