Monday, March 21, 2005

Wow ! I gotta stop waiting a long time in between blogs. Let's see, not much to report. I did go to Houston last week w/ my sis to see my grandparents. ( Funny, I was there last week and meghan is there this week.) I really had a good time. I love my grandparents soo much. One of the trip's highlights was that i got to see my dad's bro whom i haven't seen in @ least 5 years. He and his wife have moved alot and combined w/ her health problems ( poor thing ) so that has made it difficult for us to see them. By the way, ya'll please pray for my Aunt Judi. She hurt her back, broke her foot, and has HORRIBLE allergies (in houston where the pollution and pollination is terrible).
My brother Matt married his girlfriend a week or so back. They had been living together the past two years ( which bothered me b/c it went against God's Word ) and due to happenings, finally tied the knot. I'm happy that they made it official. I now have another sister. Dude, that sounds really wierd...........i guess i'm not completely ready for it.
That's all the major news. I'll probaby write again tomorrow when i think of something else. Hugs and kisses !!!!!


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You have me too remember?

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